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Kong Soo Do
"Way of the Empty Hand"
Traditional Taekwondo
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Age 5 - Adult

All of our martial arts classes teach

effective self-defense skills.

See our schedule below


The martial arts are about teaching youth discipline, respect, and confidence plus physical fitness, self-defense, and lots of fun!  The martial arts offer teens an opportunity to grow in mind and body in a non-competitive atmosphere.  A complete fitness program for adults developing both the mind and body through disciplined aerobic martial arts workouts. 


We invite you to try out a class at no charge to

meet the instructors and to see how you like the training.


To schedule your

free trial lesson


Contact Fred at:


Beginners classes:

M & W at 6pm

T & Th at 7pm

Have you considered....

private lessons

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Master - Fredrick J Gommels

TaeKwonDo Schedule


6:00pm White & Yellow Belts

7:00pm Green, Blue, Red Belts  


6:00pm Green, Blue, Red Belts

7:00pm White & Yellow Belts


12pm Red & Black Belts

6:00pm Beginner& Yellow Belts

7:00pm Green, Blue, Red Belts


6:00pm Green, Blue, Red Belts

7:00pm White & Yellow Belts



5:30pm Color Belts


9:00am All Levels

10:00am Red & Black Belts

Newcomer Deal


or Hapkido


Registration = value $49

Uniform = value $49

1 Month Classes = value $96

Value of $194


No refunds

Credit may be issued

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our style of


KongSooDo, meaning "the way of the empty hand", is an old style of traditional Korean martial art. KongSooDo is the term that was used to describe our style of martial arts, before the term "Taekwondo" was created back in the mid 1950s.


While Taekwondo eventually became a competitive sport, KongSooDo remains a martial "art". It is a practical form of self-defense, and incorporates in its training: strikes, kicks and blocking plus a variety of joint locks, escapes, throws, take downs and weaponry.

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