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Karate & Weaponry
Okinawan Karate 

Age 15 - Adult


Koburyu is a traditional Okinawan style of Karate. Martial arts techniques that originally began in China centuries ago, drawing from the tiger, crane and dragon styles of Kung Fu, evolved into the very practical techniques of Okinawan Koburyu Karate Do. The defensive nature of karate is emphasized together with concepts of respect, manners and discipline of mind and body.

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Frank & Sue Crow

Kyoshi Hachi Dan
(10th degree) in Okinawan Koburyu Karatedo

(10th degree) in Okinawan Koburyu Kobudo

Okinawan Kobudo (weapons)

Age 15 - Adult


Kobudo utilizes as weapons of self-defense implements commonly available to an Okinawan farmer or fisherman of ancient times. The primary Kobudo weapons include bo (staff), nunchaku, ieku (oar), tenaka and tonfa. The sai, a traditional symbol of authority in Okinawa, is also studied. Kobudo students learn basic blocking and striking techniques in all of the weapons, as well as traditional kata (forms), some of which may be hundreds of years old. Partners practice carefully choreographed combinations of attack and defense to learn timing and distance.

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Class Schedule
Okinawan Karate & Kobudo (weapons)

Mon - Thu nights 8:00-9:30pm



2 classes a week for 2 weeks - 4 classes total.

Enroll at your first class.


Intro to Karate & Kobudo for 1-2 people $29


Intro to Karate & Kobudo for family $49


For contact:

call 507-529-8009


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