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Japanese Art of Self-defense
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Head Sensei - Bruce Piotrowski

Age 15 - Adult

Aikido is the "way of spirit of harmony". A Japanese martial art, Aikido is related to Jiu Jitsu and Judo. Aikido is different from other martial arts in that the practitioner seeks to achieve self-defense without injuring attackers.


The aikidoka harmonizes with, rather than confronts a linear attack and converts it into a circular motion that unbalances the attacker. Then, instead of using potentially crippling kicks or punches, the aikidoka trains to apply various wrist locks, arm pins or throws to neutralize aggressors without causing serious injury. For more info visit: Aikido of Rochester


Class Schedule 

Mon & Wed 7:30-9:00pm

Saturday     9:00-10:00am


Contact Bruce Piotrowski at:

507-287-0556 or by email

Introduction: 2 classes a week for 2 weeks - 4 classes total.

Enroll at your first class.


Intro to Aikido for 1-2 people $29


Intro to Aikido for family $49

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