Private Lessons

You can learn 3-4 times as much in a private compared to group classes

Train with the instructor of your choice.

We have many qualified instructors.

Two can split the fee as partners

The entire family can take private lessons for the price of one

With private lessons, you can train in the specific skills you'd like to develop and at the pace that is right for you. You always learn at a higher level of quality and at a faster pace than is possible with group classes alone.

Some of the areas to train in:

  • practical self-defense

  • forms & technique

  • advanced basics

  • hidden applications of forms

  • black belt principles

  • weapons training

  • advanced sparring technique

  • promotion test prep

  • police defensive tactics

Private lessons help you maintain your technique, prepare for promotion testing and to expand your skills.

Each private is 45 minutes


1 Private Lesson ($84 per lesson)

$84.00 total

4 Private Lessons ($79 per lesson)


8 Private Lessons ($74 per lesson

$592.00 total

12 Private Lessons ($69 per lesson)

$828.00 total

  • Payment must be made before scheduling

  • Schedule daytime, evenings, or weekends

  • Each private lesson is 45 minutes

  • All payments are exchangeable but not refundable

  • All payments are valid up to one year after date of purchase


24 hour notice needed for

private lesson schedule changes.​