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Head Instructors​

Below is a list of the head instructors of each program.  We have a number of other instructors who assist teaching in a variety of capacities. The Martial Art Fitness Center was established in 1975 and has produced over 200 black belts... many of whom are teaching and training yet today.

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Fred Gommels

Director: MAFCI Since 1986

Master G. began his martial arts training in 1973. He has trained in Shotokan Karate, Aiki-Jujitsu, KongSooDo, Taekwondo, TangSooDo, Yawara, Hapkido, Judo, Yusool and martial art weaponry.


Master G holds the following ranks:

7th Dan Korea Simmudo Association 

5th Dan Korea Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan 

5th Dan Korean Shin Moo Hapkido Federation 

5th Dan Korea Taekwondo Chang Moo Kwan 

4th Dan Yusool - Martial Arts USA



Kirby Strissel

Administrator of Leadership

Master Strissel began training in the martial arts in 1990 and has trained with some of the finest Masters and GrandMasters in the USA and South Korea. His training is in: KongSooDo-Taekwondo, TangSooDo, Hapkido, Judo, Yusool and martial art weaponry. Master Strissel also heads up the Instructor Leadership Program at the MAFCI.


Master Strissel holds the ranks of: 

6th Dan Korea Simmudo Association

4rd Dan Taekwondo ChungDoKwan

3rd Dan Hapkido - MAFCI

1st Dan US Judo Association


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Gretel Quiñones

Tai Chi Chuan

Sifu Gretel Quiñones has trained in the martial arts since 1981. Her most beloved art is Tai Chi Ch'uan and Tai Chi Tui Shou. She also has more than 20 years experience in competitive Taekwondo.

Quiñones Martial Arts

Contact Gretel at:

(507) 990-2463

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Stephen Voss


Sensei Voss has over 30 years experience in Kendo "way of the sword". He has trained in Japan and the US with some of the world's top Kendo masters. Steve Voss (4 th Dan Kendo) has over 31 years of experience practicing kendo. His first seven years were spent learning under Minoru Kiyota Sensei (Professor of Buddhist Studies at University of Wisconsin), a long-term practitioner of kendo starting before World War Two. 
Hokkyokusei Kendo Kai
(HKK=North Star Kendo Association)
Established 1998

Instructor Stephen Voss

Kendo 4th Dan Black Belt

"All U.S. Kendo Federation"

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Frank & Sue Crow


Karate & Kobudo of Rochester

Shihan Frank and Sue Crow are joint owners and head instructors for OKKR. They have been teaching Okinawan Koburyu karate & kobudo since 1986.  Karate is the Okinawan empty handed martial art while kobudo involves practice with a variety of martial arts weapons.  

Shihan Frank and Shihan Sue both hold the following ranks: 

Kyoshi Hachi Dan (10th degree) in Okinawan Koburyu Karatedo

Kyoshi Hachi Dan (10th degree) in Okinawan Koburyu Kobudo


They founded the Okinawan Koburyu dojo in Kalamazoo, Michigan and taught there for 15 years.  They moved to Rochester in 1999, founded the OKKR and have been teaching in Rochester ever since.

Okinawan Karate & Kobudo


Contact Frank or Sue Crow at:


Bruce Piotrowski

Aikido of Rochester

Sensei Piotrowski has practiced Aikido since 1998 and currently holds the rank of Nidan 2nd Dan.  He is a member of the United States Aikido Federation.


His primary instructors have been Calvin Blanchard Sensei, Bill McGourik Sensei and Neil Segal Sensei.

Aikido of Rochester

Contact Bruce Piotrowski at:


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Instructor - James Léger

Muay Thai

Trained and competed in the French Muay Thai circuit for 15 years. With 4 years in the Level-A Professional level.

For questions:


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