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Martial Arts Training


The martial arts training and activities on this tour are carefully arranged by GrandMaster Song Pan Kon. The training is taught by several masters from the Korea Simmudo Association. The areas of training include Yudo, Taekwondo, Hapkido, & Hoshinsul techniques. Each Master provides training in his particular area of expertise.

Master Kim, Hwan Won

Demonstrating black belt form

Master Song Sung Dong

son of

GM Song Pan Kon

Demonstrating power kicking


World TaeKwonDo Federation Headquarters

Master Pak, Ki Shik

Advanced hand technique

Martial Art Related Activities:

• Korean masters martial arts demonstrations 

• Visiting the Kukkiwon: World TKD Federation 

• Shopping in martial arts supply stores. 

These stores have some very unique training videos, uniforms, weapons, sparring, gear, flags, banners, books, clothing, etc. 

• Visiting authentic Korean martial arts schools 

• Korean museum of martial arts history 

• Viewing Siheung Martial Arts tournament 


Master Kim, Joung Sung

Demonstrating Hoshinsul

Associates, and Martial Arts Masters from the

these organizations will assist with this tour:


Korea Simmudo Association, Siheung Sports Association

Jeyill Martial Arts Academy, SungRiKwan Hapkido, Siheung TaeKwonDo Assn. 


For questions or more info contact Fred at:


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