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pandemic interviews

Pandemic Interviews

Fred Gommels & area TV stations

Interviews #4, #6 were for the

Martial Art Fitness Center

# 1 interview

June 10, 2020 KIMT 3

Blue Moon Ballroom - reopening

# 2 interview

July 27, 2020 KAAL 6

Blue Moon Ballroom - business assistance A

# 3 interview

Aug 27, 2020 KTTC 10

Blue Moon Ballroom - business assistance B

# 4 interview

Oct 14, 2020 KAAL 6

Martial Art Fitness Center - PPP grant

# 5 interview

Oct 15, 2020 KIMT 3

Blue Moon Ballroom – grand reopening


# 6 interview

Dec 15, 2020 KAAL 6

Martial Art Fitness Center - MN covid relief bill


# 7 interview

Dec 31, 2020 KIMT 3

Blue Moon Ballroom - New Year’s on hold

# 9 interview

Mar 9, 2021 KIMT 3

Blue Moon Ballroom – restrictions should be lifted

# 10 interview

Mar 10, 2021 KTTC 10

Blue Moon Ballroom – tough time for reception venues

# 11 interview

Mar 12, 2021 KTTC 10

Blue Moon Ballroom – reception venue restrictions loosened

# 12 interview

Aug 21, 2021 KAAL 6

Blue Moon Ballroom – navigating vaccine requirements

Pandemic Perspectives

updated 05-26-2021

The only word we can think of, as a business, to describe what we went through is "traumatic". And of course, the worst of any situation is always fear of the "unknown". But at least now we are on the other side and hopefully on the path to full recovery.


This was the most challenging year ever. Initially we worked hard and fast anytime the opportunity came up to apply for various SBA help and other grants, the PPPs and loans. We were able to secure some of those to help us survive. 

We are very thankful to all those students who have stayed with us since before the pandemic began, and to the many who enrolled during these difficult times. 

We have been in business since 1986, and in this present location since 1994. We are looking forward to many more good years ahead.

Fred Gommels


Pandemic Perspectives

updated 03-17-2021

On this date one year ago at 5pm exactly, the state of MN required the closure of all bars, restaurants, gyms and non-essential businesses. A traumatic moment for many. This came with great uncertainty and IMPENDING DOOM. 

Streets were vacant, city lights were dim, social life was at a stand still. Some lost loved ones, others experienced the virus itself. And many lost their livelihood whether it be their job or a business. 


We have had to adjust, be resilient, and learn to wait.


Today after much adversity, conflict, illness (physical, mental, social) and death...there is hope. The vaccines are moving, restrictions are loosened...we are experiencing IMERGING LIBERTY and a return to normality. If any good at all has come of this pandemic....may we all have become more caring, patient and empathetic with each other. 

Fred Gommels



Pandemic Perspectives Cont...

Updated 01-01-2021

It has been a challenge to navigate this pandemic with all of the protocols, shutdowns, and changing restrictions. At least we have managed to acquire some grants and low interest loans which are helpful to keep things afloat.

We would like to thank each of you who have helped us here at the Martial Art Fitness Center by taking private lessons, paying for lessons in advance, donating to this cause and staying in touch with us. 

Fred Gommels

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