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Stock Martial Arts

Brazilian JiuJitsu


A family friendly martial arts
program that offers
Brazilian JiuJitsu and kickboxing
to adults and kids


Age breakdown:

Kids class age 6-15 years

Adult class age 16-adult


5:00am Adults Gi Jui-Jitsu

6:10pm Kids Gi Jui-Jitsu

7:00pm Adults Gi Jui-Jitsu

8:00pm Adults kickboxing 



5:00pm Kids No Gi Jui-Jitsu 

6:00pm Adults No Gi Jui-Jitsu  



5:00am Adults Gi Jui-Jitsu

6:00pm Kids Gi Jui-Jitsu 

7:00pm Adults Gi Jui-Jitsu 

8:00pm Adults Kickboxing 



11:00am Kids Kickboxing 

12:00pm Kids No Gi Jui-Jitsu 

1:00pm Adults No Gi Jui-Jitsu 

2:00pm Open mat

“It’s not where you train,
but how you train.”

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Instructor Ryan Stock


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