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Siheung, South Korea 

Korean Culture & Martial Arts Tour

October 15-24, 2015

Comments on paster tours:

“Probably the best vacation I ever had.” “The martial arts training is invaluable.” 

 “The shopping was awesome. The country was gorgeous. The people were friendly.” 

“The culture, the friendliness of the local people, the quality martial arts training, and the gracious 

hospitality of our hosts were phenomenal.” 

“Master Song and his associates rolled out the red carpet for us. We felt like royalty. They really go

out of their way to make this an enjoyable trip for all.” 

“The community of Siheung is friendly and seems so safe day or night.” 


Dear Friends: 

I invite you to join me on my 8th intriguing visit to Siheung, South Korea. Master Pan Kon Song, martial arts masters and associates will be our personal hosts as we go on exotic cultural tours, make international friends, train with the Korean Masters, and witness amazing feats of martial arts skill. Come and experience the heart and soul of Korea. 


Fred Gommels - Tour Host


This tour is also open to non-martial artists.


Questions? Contact:

Fred at 507-358-3484 or

Your Tour Hosts

GrandMaster Song, Pan Kon 

Korea Simmudo Association 

Siheung Taekwondo Association

Siheung City South Korea

Lee, Kyu Chae (Kevin)

Officer for Siheung City Hall

Korean/English Interpretor

Tour Coordinator & Guide

Master Fredrick J. Gommels 

Martial Art Fitness Centers, Inc. 

Korea/USA Simmudo Association

Rochester, MN - USA

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